A Tuscan Road 24"x36" Acrylic $650.00

Dreaming Of Tuscany 36"x48" Acrylic SOLD

Row After Row Tuscany 18"x24" Acrylic SOLD

Summers End Tuscany 24"x36" Acrylic $650.00

Scarlet Tuscan Landscape 16"x16" Acrylic SOLD

Tuscan Valley 16"x24" Oil SOLD

Spring At Kew Gardens 30"x48" Acrylic SOLD

Kew Magnolia 24"x36" Acrylic SOLD

Toronto Island Picnic 18"x24" Acrylic $325.00

Winter At Thornbury Marina 20"x24" Acrylic $375.00

A Leuty Summer 24"x36" Acrylic SOLD

Beach Daze 16"x20" Acrylic $250.00

Leuty July Toronto 20"x24" Acrylic $375.00

Autumn Back Road Kinghurst 24"x30" Acrylic $550.00 SOLD

Cranberry Bog Days In Bala 24"x48" Acrylic $875.00

The Boggy Fields of Bala 30"x30" Acrylic $675.00

Say Goodbye To Summer 12"x12" Acrylic $125.00

On Bala Falls 30"x40" Acrylic $900.00

Autumn Day On Harrison Lake 30"x40" Acrylic $900.00

A Boggy Day In Bala 24"x48" Acrylic $875.00

Quebec City Market 30"x40" Acrylic $900.00 SOLD

The Saugeen River From The Durham Bridge 24"x36 " Acrylic $650.00

Eugenia Falls 16"x20" Acrylic

Paris Cafe 24"x36" Acrylic SOLD

Toronto Beach Boardwalk 20"x24" Acrylic SOLD

Fall Day At Scarborough Bluffs 30"x40" Acrylic SOLD

Autumn In Kinghurst Forest 12"x12" Acrylic $125.00 SOLD

Room With A View 12"x12" Acrylic $125.00 SOLD

Waterfront Bike Ride 24"x36" Acrylic $650.00

Selected Card Prints $5.00 each or 6 for $25.00